8 offbeat courses in India and where to find them

8 offbeat courses in India and where to find them


For any Indian household, the choice of career has been straightforward – you are either an engineer, doctor or lawyer. If none of these works out for you, then you become an accountant. The IT boom of the 2000s strengthened the need for an engineering degree and move to the States for greener pastures.

Fortunately or unfortunately, with the increase in access to the Internet and a dearth of job openings in the market – alternative career paths are not only being explored but also supported by many. These careers are being supplemented with government approved courses that cater to skill-based education.

GoCheck rounds up 8 offbeat courses that are offered by Indian Universities:

  • Spa Management

An extension of hospitality management, spa management looks at imparting skills to run a spa and provide spa treatments.

Courses offered: Spa Management Certificate, Spa and Hospitality Management and BA(Hons) in Spa Management.

Popular Institutes:

  • Ananda Spa Institute (Hyderabad)
  • Orient Spa Academy (Jaipur)
  • International Spa Academy (Kerala)
  • Spa Consultants (Pune)


  • Tea Tasting

Wine sommeliers (a trained wine professional) have been depicted in various movies, TV series and is connected to the lives of the uber rich. Similarly, a tea taster or sommelier is a trained and knowledgeable tea professional. India has a history of cultivating high-quality teas that are exported to other countries. In 2015-2016, Tea exports from India stood at 232.92 kg, valued at US$ 686.67 million.

Courses offered: Certificate course in Tea Tasting, Professional Certificate Programme on Tea Tasting and Marketing, Professional Certificate Programme on Tea Estate Management etc.

Popular Institutes:

  • Assam Agricultural University
  • Indian Institute of Plantation Management
  • Dipras Institute of Professional Studies
  • The Tea Research Association (TRA), Calcutta
  • NITM, Darjeeling Tea Research and Management Association


  • Puppetry

The oldest form of entertainment, puppetry was seen as a dying tradition in the Indian economy with many traditional artists suffering to meet ends meet. But puppetry is re-inventing itself by moving beyond just an entertainment sect and find its application in education and therapies.

Course Offered: Certificate

Popular Institute: Last year, Mumbai University launched a course in puppetry – the first ever in the history of Indian education.


  • Ethical Hacking

If solving puzzles and complex algorithms are your hobby, then ethical hacking is a good career option. An ethical hacker is a computer and networking expert that is hired/employed by an organization to find security vulnerabilities in their systems. They provide solutions pertaining to cybersecurity and help organizations protect themselves from hackers.

Courses offered: Certification courses are offered by organizations like the EC Council

Popular institutes:

  • Institute of Information Security
  • Indian School of Ethical Hacking


  • Pet Grooming

The Indian pet industry is valued over Rs. 2500 crore as of 2017 and is said to grow further. The increase in urbanization and changing mindsets towards pets has supported the growth of the pet industry. Apart from pet foods, pet grooming is on the rise to cater to a wide range of pets. If you are a pet lover then pet grooming would be an interesting avenue to pursue. The course involves the various grooming and training methods for pet groomers to handle mutts of all sizes.

Courses offered:

Popular Institute: Fuzzy Wuzzy Professional Pet Grooming School


  • Rural Studies

While India is heralding in different spheres of development, 70% of its population is based in the rural sector. That’s around 50% of the country’s GDP. The study of rural life and its development is an aspect that is not explored by many. The course covers areas like agriculture, animal husbandry, farm development and other aspects of a rural economy.

Course Offered: Bachelor of Rural Studies

Popular Institute: Bhavnagar University at Gujarat


  • Food Chemists

The food industry is always evolving with new gastronomical treats being made every day. For those interested in the food industry can look at food chemist as a career. Food chemists look at improving the chemical composition of foods, flavour, processing, safety, shelf-life etc.

Courses offered: BSc in Food Chemistry, MSc in Food Chemistry or MSc in Biochemistry

Popular institutes:

  • Danapackiyam Krishnasamy Mudaliar College for Women, Tamil Nadu
  • Loyola College, Tamil Nadu
  • Mar Athanasios College for Advanced Studies (MACFAST), Kerala


  • Professional Scuba Diver

Sand, beach and the sea calling out to you? Maybe you should consider a career in scuba diving. India is blessed with vast coastlines and a number of islands that are ideal for scuba diving. If tourism is not your cup of tea, then the Indian Navy or the Coastguards are always on the lookout for professional divers.

Courses offered: Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT), PADI Course director, Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) and Assistant Instructor

Popular institutes:

  • Professional Association of Dive Instructors (PADI) – Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep Islands, Pondicherry and Goa
  • National Institute of Water Sports, Goa
  • Indian Navy Diving School, Kochi


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