#MyPerspective on “Future of Education & Regulatory Policy”

#MyPerspective on “Future of Education & Regulatory Policy”


I am Mayur Jain, here is #MyPerspective on Future of Education with a gist on regulation that may be necessary for Government Entities to reform the Education System for better employability and economic reform. I believe we must voice out to bring in the change, necessary for Future Generation, before its too late.

“Don’t limit a child to your own learning, for he was born for another time”

Rabindranath Tagore

Illustration (#MyPerspective) on Future of Education:

Consider Rahul, who has completed 12th and wants to be employable or be an entrepreneur or a professional with a desire to secure his career and be a responsible citizen.

Rahul ideally, after 12th
Step 1: Would assess his profile to discover his abilities, interests and skills.
Step 2: Explore the career options based on his perceived skills & identify skills to be acquired for future job.
Step 3: Seek best of trainers, mentors, coach, educators, Institute or University to train on desired skills.
Step 4: Appear for the skill-based exam at desired university, earn skill-based credits which might hold good for a valid duration as per regulatory body.
Step 5: Request desired university for qualifying career-based degree as per acquired skills & skill credits.
Step 6: Apply to job openings based on career-based degree, while employer could validate the degree for valid skillset on university portals.

Now, whenever Rahul decides to switch his career, he may upskills or reskill by qualifying through skill-based exams from University of his choice, request for fresh career-based degree and explore new opportunities as necessary.

#MyPerspective on Regulatory Framework as perceived for this Future:

Post 12th, every degree needs to be skill-based, leading to at least one career prospects.

Each career opportunity can be mapped with multiple skills, with details on minimum skill-based credits required to qualify as “skill criteria” for a given career-based degree.

Curriculum Regulatory Body Role would include:

  • Develop skill-based curriculum with appropriate versioning and skill validity at regular intervals, which would motivate the candidate to opt for latest version skill curriculum with higher skill validity to upskills or reskill & stay relevant for future opportunities.
  • Each skill-based curriculum could be classified into Fundamental & Advance Level. Fundamental Level Skill Curriculum could be knowledge-driven while Advance Level Skill Curriculum could be employability driven.

University Role would be to:

  • Conduct skill-based Examination for latest version Fundamental & Advance Level curriculum on regular intervals.
  • Assign skill credits based on performance in Examination
  • Assign career-based degree with information on skill-based credits, university details, exam details as per candidates request.

Candidates would now have the flexibility to request for as many career-based degrees corresponding to a different combination of acquired skills & skill credits.

Corporates could recruit with a higher preference to career-based degree and validate these degrees on the university portal to check if the candidate needs upskilling or reskilling before hiring.

This will motivate the candidate to consistently upgrade their skill for better credits & explore better career opportunity.

Innovations & Advantages:

  • Training, Coaching & Mentoring may come from anywhere to teach on fundamental or advance level skill curriculum with higher clarity on career prospects.
  • Institute, Coaching Centres & University would regularly improve their pedagogy to engage user better and drive higher quality result through skill-based exams.
  • Career opportunities would prosper, the skilled resource would increase, the business would thrive better.
  • The economy would improve with better quality skilled resources.

Supporting References:

Do share, how does your perspective on Future to Education looks like? or provide me with feedback on #MyPerspective on Future of Education?

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