How to motivate yourself to be a better student

How to motivate yourself to be a better student


The biggest problems that students face is the lack of motivation. Not everybody can be self motivated and not everyone can find a willing partner for study activity or get along with others. Worse is the case where there is a lack of role models you can aspire to become. In such circumstances, here are a few ways to stay motivated. Best of luck.

Stay optimistic: No matter, what happens or how you think, the key lies in staying positive. Remember that no incident/mishap/result is the end of the world. It’s just a passing occurrence. And it will go away. The best way to beat it is to always see the positive side of it. For example, if you trying to learn something, believe that you will become better at the subject you have taken up. Belief is everything and belief is optimism. You believe, and it becomes. So believe positively, rather than negatively, because the reverse can also be true if pessimism rules your head.

Nothing is natural: Every skill is not an innate talent. You read more and become better at reading. You learn more and become more aware about the subject. Nothing goes wasted. Even if you are watching TV and writing your homework with your hand, your sub-conscious mind is learning even if your conscious mind is engrossed in the TV show. That’s the superpower each one of us has. Which is why, writing home work by hand is the best form of memorising anything as it gets imprinted in our brains. Did you know that Bollywood actor Aamir Khan writes out his every dialogue by hand before he faces the camera? It’s for the same reason.

Give yourself a deadline: Just the way some students study better when there is an exam ahead, why not prepare well in advance instead of cramming just before it? And you can achieve that by giving yourself a deadline for each of the subjects you need to master. This structures your student life and can only make you better at it. No deadline means no responsibility and zero accountability, and that can wreck havoc in your student routine.

Set aside time: Just thinking positive will not do, if you don’t work towards becoming a better student. Therefore, setting aside some time just for honing skills you lack is the best way to stay motivated and focussed.

Prepare a daily checklist: Having a ‘to-do’ list or a mobile app like TickTick will go a long way in keeping you focussed on your daily goals. With a hectic college-to-home, home-to-tuitions, tuitions-to-homework routine, there is hardly any time for studying. Here is where you have to not only plan your daily routine but set aside daily goals that can work like a checklist you have to tick off every day. Every time you fulfil each of those goals, you feel a lightness of being and that motivates you further to do more as a student and also keeps you on track.

Ask ‘why’: Yes, at the end of all these student hacks, ask yourself just one question: ‘Why are you learning?’ To get a job? To become better in the subject you want to become an expert? To stay gainfully employed? To stay active? Whatever the motivation might be, always ask yourself this question, and you will be able to get back on track whenever you feel distracted.

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