Is it Long Lost – Your Alumni Network?

Is it Long Lost – Your Alumni Network?


When was the last time you connected back or spoke to some acquaintance from your college? College for most of us ends with the farewell day but how many of you have actually made use of the strong alumni network which can do wonders especially for one’s career and business.

Listing few reasons why you should connect with your Alumni group. And if it’s not available why not be the first one to start it today?

  1. Create community groups on social media: The easiest way to create an alumni group is by making public groups on facebook community. Once you invite few friends from your personal profile, the group would automatically expand over the period of time. Using these groups to network can be very beneficial for every alumni member.
  2. Connections & groups on Linkedin: Linkedin has been the best platform until now for professional connections. It would be way easier to leverage Linkedin for creating alumni group, all one has to do is follow the college group and send a request to connect with all the people who follow the college. Another way to approach the same would be reaching out to college admin who is managing the college group and ask them to create the showcase alumni page under college profile. This way it will directly lead the alumni and current students to the following page.
  3. Connect and engage on Gocheck: a Gocheck app is a social networking platform for your educational purposes. Here you can find and connect with your long-lost alumni groups and also create private and public groups to share the messages/posts accordingly. Since Gocheck already has information about 50,000 institutes across India, it would not be a difficult task to reach out to the relevant group of people through institutes profile.

So once you have created or you are connected with your alumni group, all you need to do is start networking. How networking with alumni groups can help?

  1. Recruiting: If you are running a business, it would be pretty simple to attract the right audience by posting about job requirements on your alumni group. This will primarily take care of the quality expectation. Similarly, if you are looking for a job or any freelance options, asking for the relevant opportunities on your alumni network can be the fastest way to get the best offer.In many cases, you can also visit your college for on-campus recruitments.
  2. Internships: It is the best way to pick up interns for your startups or business from your college network. There would be plenty of students who would be looking for a short-term internship to get an idea of working in real life and you can contribute by providing such benefits to the relevant students from your college.
  3. Mentoring: Always be the first one to pitch or offer help to any student especially the ones from your college who are looking out for some words to stay motivated and inspired. You can also assist by helping students in building resumes/CV from scratch to ensure it catches the attention of recruitment managers.
  4. Long-term relationships: Alumni groups are the best way to leverage the benefits by networking and maintaining long-term relationships, well you never know maybe THAT guy is the head of your dream company and can put good words about you at for the amazing opportunity. You can also conduct a lot of volunteering activities to engage the alumni members in real time and face-to-face to create a bigger impact.
  5. Sharing best practices: Sharing your knowledge and best practices on social media and alumni groups are the best way to help others stay informed about the upcoming technology and advances. This will not only help you gain the respect and unique status in your groups but also can also assist others indirectly in many ways.

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