It’s not just enough to excel at your studies, it’s also important to be smarter about the world around you. After all, you are learning to excel in the world, not in the classroom. And if you want to be a teacher, you need to know more than just the subjects you have been taught […]Continue reading

Did you know that in certain kinds of jobs, possessing skills are more important than your degrees and work experience? Well, the industry calls this ‘new collar jobs’ or ‘middle skill jobs’. We call them ‘vocational jobs’, skills that can be learnt through internship, signing up for a certificate programme or a two-year-degree. The upshot? […]Continue reading

Just because you can ‘afford’ to be educated isn’t enough to secure college admissions. The good and reputable institutions want something more from you which your parent’s bank balance will not give them. Here is where your personality has to shine through. After all, if you can get a college admission on merit, you can […]Continue reading

Preparing their students for the future should be the focus of institutions today. With technology playing a crucial role in changing the landscape of jobs, it can be quite disconcerting to many on who will be employable once they graduate. Here is where teaching entrepreneurial skills will equip the students with survival tools that will […]Continue reading

Stack Overflow, one of the the largest, online communities for developers, polled over 1 lakh of its developer base in over 180 countries early this year. According to their survey, here are the programming languages that rule the marquee today. When you are in doubt on what language to choose, perhaps this list might help. […]Continue reading