Success Stories: Christian Medical College, one of the best medical colleges in India

Success Stories: Christian Medical College, one of the best medical colleges in India


The Christian Medical College in Vellore is a minority-owned institution that is held in reverential tones for its excellence in education. No wonder, it figures in the top 3 medical colleges of India, according to the Ministry of Human Resource, Government of India.

CMC has its roots in a one-bed dispensary at Dr Ida Sophia’s home in Vellore way back in 1900. It was a time when the average life of an Indian was 24 years as people died routinely due to tuberculosis, epidemics, famines, droughts, cholera, and so on. In 1901, the Mary Taser School Hospital became operational in a make-shift mud-brick structure with six beds for hospitalising the victims. In 1902, it morphed into a 40-bed hospital with no less than the district collector inaugurating the facility. The beauty of this landmark was that there was one large ward only to treat poor patients for free. Eventually, Ida realised that empowering women was the way forward and after much effort and waiting, she opened the Union Missionary Medical School for Women in 1918. In 1932, the college opened as well. Finally, in 1942, she founded a coeducational medical college, which is what CMC is till today. In 1947, the first batch of MBBS male students graduated from CMC. In 1961, the first successful open heart surgery was conducted at the hospital attached to the college. The first kidney transplant in India was conducted at CMC in 1971. In 1986, CMC was also where India’s first bone marrow transplant was conducted. By 1990, the facility had completed 1000 live donor kidney transplants.

Glorious past begets a promising present
When it began, CMC was the only private medical college in India. Today, there are over 300 private medical institutions and yet, CMC holds its own. The academic landmark has an e-learning unit with a tie-up from Tufts University of Health Science. There are community orientation and health programmes to sensitise the students to rural healthcare. The internships are widely considered the highlight of CMC.

Courses on offer
At CMC, you have a range of courses to choose from. A B.Sc in nursing to AHS degree to a Diploma in nursing, post doctoral fellowships, MPH and MSc in epidemiology, M.Sc Biostatistics, and Medical physics to MS Bioengineering, other Medical Post Graduate Courses and M.Sc nursing, among a range of other disciplines. The MBBS course is of four and a half years and is followed by one year of Compulsory Rotating Residential  Internship. For the MD/MS/Diploma courses and M.Ch Neurosurgery courses, applications are invited in October-November every preceding year. All post-graduate medical courses in CMC are in-service training programmes and post-graduate students are paid a stipend of around Rs 28,000 a month, and Rs 50,000 a month for post-graduate training in Higher Specialties.

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