Success stories: Get to know the best institutes in India

Success stories: Get to know the best institutes in India

The ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, has a ‘national institutional ranking framework’. Based on this, we will be running a series of blog posts on some institutes that have topped the charts in different categories. Based on the self-attested information provided by the various participating institutes, the ministry of higher education ranks them every year on five broad parameters before announcing the ranking every April:
1. Teaching, learning and resources
2. Research and professional practice
3. Graduation outcomes
4. Outreach and inclusivity
5. Perception

Interestingly, some sub parameters like public perception and earnings from patents were dropped after questions of reliability and consistency of data provided by the participating institutes. Another way to bolster the number of participating institutes was to pre-register all the institutes that were enrolled into the database in the past. In the ‘overall’ category, 957 institutes were examined for the top 100 ranks. The rankings for 2019 will be announced in April 2019. And we are looking forward to it, but it’s still a good four months away. Until then, we will focus on some of the toppers in each of the categories in our future blog posts, so students get an idea of the institutes that have top-scored and why.

Here are some statistics from the 2018 data. In our future blog posts, we will focus on one institute every time and talk more about what makes them tick all the boxes for this nationwide ranking status. In the 2018 ‘overall’ performance category, Bengaluru’s Indian Institute of Science ticked all the boxes and was ranked Number One. We will dig deep on it in our next blog post.
For now, lets look at some of the metrics that comprised the 2018 rankings through these charts…
The five parameters on how they rank the institutes
This parameter proved controversial and is no longer considered
The zone-wise breakup of rankings
The expert committee composition
The implementation core committee
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